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I'll Tell You What's Not OK

A gift from the Spirit of Air.

A gift from the Spirit of Air.

Multiple times over this past week I read messages and/or posts from other teachers/coaches/mentors about being stuck. i.e. – Do you feel stuck? Are you lacking direction? Do you feel unclear about what's next in life?

I remember a time when I was reeeally stuck. I had reached a point where I was draining my energy daily putting others first, my Heart was in almost constant ache from the struggles I was facing with my partner, I wasn't doing anything to consciously move all the powerful emotional energy out of my body, and I was basically just trying to get through the day without imploding from the anxiety, or totally crumbling from the depression.


I remember being unable to fathom that I would ever NOT feel this way.

Much of my life since early on had been steeped in emotional volatility and instability. I had also learned over and over that it was "not ok" for me to be so deeply sensitive. Given this history, it felt near impossible to imagine how life could be different. How would I ever get out of the stuck-ness?

Obviously this topic of "stuck" never ceases to be relevant, so it is not surprising to me that healing guides and facilitators are often talking about it. It is in fact an element of what most of us are here trying to help people with. Though it did catch my attention how many seemed to be focusing in on this point at the same time this week...

Of course many had some beautiful things to say, some valuable wisdom to share. AND, the one very common, very off-putting, thread in all of these pieces was that each of these individuals had their own version of "the answer". All of them were claiming to have the perfect quick-fix solution.

For me, this is total bogus.

Most of you have likely heard me share about my perspective on healing, in that it is 1.) different for everyone and 2.) fluid – we need to be flexible to adjusting our "dosage" and mixing in variety along the way when things plateau, or get out of balance. And 3.) It's a cocktail – in that it does not have just one ingredient. There are likely going to be at least three, maybe five, that you will include in your routine. And again, these "ingredients" may shift, and their corresponding amounts may fluctuate as needed.

For me, Breathwork was and is one of the most significant and potent ingredients in my own healing and maintaining of balance. It fiercely moves stuck energy out of the body, rapidly lifts the weight of heavy emotions, and ultimately releases the burden of what might be decades, even lifetimes, of emotional and physical pain. It clears. It makes space so you can re-connect to yourself and your Heart. To deep Love, and the wisdom of your Soul.

It is not a band-aid, and it's not a "way out". It's a way through.

I'm a "never say never" kind of person. AND there are a few things I can absolutely promise you when it comes to your own healing:

I'm never going to tell you I have all the answers for you. I'm never going to tell you there's an "easy" fix. I'm never going to proclaim that I have the perfect 30-day-12-step-one-stop-shop formula for you. I'm NEVER going to tell you that I have what you need. Because I don't. YOU have what you need. I will Love you and help you re-connect with it, but I can't give it to you. No one can.

Breathwork is one of the ingredients I can share with you. Would I love for you to give it a try? Absolutely. There's nothing you can bring to the table that's off limits here. There's nothing I see as weak. There's no version of stuck, or mis-takes you've made that will cause me to judge you.

I can also promise that I'm never going to stop loving you.

Maybe Breathwork won't be for you. That's OK too. Just promise me you'll never be unwilling to keep mixing until you find the ingredients that do work for you.

I promise I'm going to keep sharing with you all that I'm learning. I'm going to keep creating opportunities for you to explore and dig in to loving you. I am going to keep holding the space, and allowing Love to be the teacher. Deal?

Much Love, B.

Leave a comment! Let me know how it's going for you. What ingredients are you working with?

Another ingredient – get your bare feet on the Earth.

Another ingredient – get your bare feet on the Earth.

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For many years, writing has been one of the most integral practices for Beth in her healing & spiritual journey. Through this expression, she has uprooted some of her deepest pains, and discovered some of her most powerful insights. She shares her very personal experiences here to offer you a look into the rawness of her healing process, and to continue expanding her own capacity to be seen & heard in her vulnerability and Truth. / Beth also writes the Mantra and Recipe columns of the Journal, and shares more stories & teachings on Instagram.