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FLASHBACK: The Big Shift

From my old journal: September 3, 2014 – Los Angeles • It was the scariest, saddest time of my life. I was beyond weak physically and spiritually and had to dig DEEP down to find the last drops of energy to do it. There’s almost no feeling that didn’t come up for me during that time. Fear, sadness, disappointment, hopelessness, pain, heartache, loss, yearning, anger, wonder…

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This is Me: Real and Raw

For today all I can do is write. Sometimes the weight of the world, as we call it, feels debilitatingly heavy. Today I am having a really difficult time being in a body. The ache of the sadness is so strong, I feel the pressure on my chest, in my heart. It reaches up my neck into my throat, it burns. My belly is tight as I work to breathe through the tears. Why is life so...

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All You've Ever Wanted

There is a popular bar of sorts that gets set this time of year – the phrase "New Year, New You" starts circulating in a myriad of contexts, a pressurized suggesting that we should all be setting goals and making resolutions for ourselves to be something better. The idea that we can (or our desire to) be more whole or grow, or achieve, or set conscious intentions...

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For Inner Wisdom

Have you ever had a reading of your Natal chart? If no, I highly recommend it. Gaining clarity about the planetary alignments in your individual birth chart can offer much clarity around the unique challenges and lessons each of us are presented with in life. The planets can be thought of as "triggers" that activate certain inner tendencies.

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