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Experience the Healing Energy of the Ancient Desert Mountains and Immerse Yourself in Nature in Breathtaking Northern New Mexico



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These special journeys are like a "Best Of" compilation of the most impactful tools I teach and use in my own life. EXPLORE Retreat may just be the adventure your Soul has been craving to shake things up. It may just be the answer to that call you've been hearing – a call to something greater.

Exploring through travel is in my blood, and it lights me up to offer this experience for growth, expansion, and enrichment to others. The work we do is for you if you are ready to heal. If you are ready to know yourself intimately, and feel deeply nourished and supported.

Come as you are – to deepen your existing practices, or show up 100% raw. Either way, there will be something magical and meaningful that awaits you here, something you didn't even know you needed, something that may just save your life. Join me to explore YOU territory.


Fall 2018 EXPLORE | Retreat

Fall 2018 EXPLORE Retreat Taos, New Mexico
Working with Beth in workshops, 1:1, and at the EXPLORE Retreat has been groundbreaking in beginning to heal the traumas of my DNA in this and past lifetimes. I have always felt as one with the earth, trees, plants and animals, but completely disconnected from my own human self. Beth’s loving guidance has helped me learn ways to merge the two and to walk my path of true peace and fulfillment.
— L.D. / Ohio, U.S.A.

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You are a Soul in a Human Body.

You are on this Earth to fulfill a special purpose. What that looks like for us as individuals is as unique and different as each of our very own fingerprints. It isn't possible for me to give you the answers you need to align with your personal mission or path. Though what I can assure you of, is that you already have access to all you need this very moment.

How do I know that? Because we all do. It's what we ARE. Your Soul carries with it all the Wisdom and Intuition you'll ever need. You've never not had it. Your Soul also chose to be here in this life. Why? Well again, It's not up to me to give you the specifics, and I know that it is in part because your formless Soul-Self needed a Vehicle to drive, an Instrument to play, a safe Temple to reside in... so It could be here on Earth. To experience things only a Human can experience, to feel things and touch things and taste things. To serve, and heal, and Love. You need a body to do this.

So you see, you are not one or the other. And you don't have to live bouncing back and forth or being solely connected to only one or the other at a time. You are both. And you can live in a way that is present and aware and at peace in both in the very same breath. Moment to moment. Listening, feeling, sensing, Loving – both in Soul and Body simultaneously.

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 You'll know because...

You are ready for a real connection with yourself.

You've been feeling stuck for awhile now and you're ready to get to the root.

You want to deepen your knowledge & understanding of the Universe, Spirit, and Energy.

You're ready to connect with Nature, your Guides, and your inner Wisdom.

You want to strengthen & trust your Intuition.

You want to feel grounded and present in your Body.

You are ready to heal yourself and claim your rightful place in this world.

You are willing to change and be open to new possibilities.

You feel something inside saying "yes".


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journey home

Connect with Nature, Spirit, Sacred Community, and the Wisdom of your Heart.

These journeys offer you the deeply nourishing space for inner-exploration, healing, and re-connection. In communing with Spirit through visits to Sacred sites, meditative hikes with Nature, and the gift of the Healing Breathwork, you have the opportunity to develop your innate Intuitive gifts – to come into alignment with you Soul, and home to your Heart.

Each experience and practice is an invitation inward – to a deeply true listening place – learning to trust yourself, to feel safe in your authenticity; to be connected to your Intuition and connected to your body. To be fully and presently available to simply receiving the Divine guidance and Love that is already all around and within you.

Here you will expand your physical capacity to carry a stronger vibration of Love – tuning your body as an instrument, connecting to the flow of creative energy, expression, and intuitive movement. Here you will give yourself the space to heal – to set aside the "to-dos" and see what happens when you allow yourself to be truly seen and heard, and held... by YOU.

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Through the experience of my own powerful, aching, beautiful, spiritual transformation and awakening about 7 years ago, I quite literally heard the voice of Spirit and was called Home to my Heart. I surrendered, and came into connection again with my Intuition, my Soul, my Truth.

Since that time, I have fully devoted myself to my own healing and this path – moving forth from running a dynamic design business in Los Angeles, and answering the call to travel – to share this work and guide others in the Healing Breathwork. It was in listening to this Divine guidance that I created Held In The Heart. It was in this listening that I have been led to places all over the world, including New Mexico.

The inspiration to create EXPLORE Retreats was born from a place of pure intention and Love – from the calling to be a bridge for others that are yearning to re-connect with the Truth in their Heart. My purpose is to guide with Grace, to create a Sacred container, and to hold a safe space for those who are ready to live a fully integrated life — where Body and Soul are balanced and in sync with Nature, Spirit, and Divine Intuition.

The healing practices and Sacred traditions I share have been profound, rewarding, and transformational in my own life, and it is with deep honor and reverence that I offer them and myself in service to others.”


It’s amazing what you’ll discover if you start exploring what God has placed within you.
— Victoria Osteen