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The tracks on ‘Deliver Love’ are all inspired by Nature, my travels, and life on the road – the sounds, the smells, the energies… The last few years I began recording sounds in the outdoors, and from my travel adventures, on my phone. I wanted to record the audio because so many times I find myself standing somewhere in the world, closing my eyes, and listening. Just absorbing the sounds to create an imprint in my memory.

Whenever I go through and listen to those sound bites, I am instantly transported to the moment when I heard them. It is a beautiful practice and magical way to stay connected to meaningful, life-changing experiences. (Now we just need to figure out how to record smells...)

Music is my dearest personal passion, and as long as I can remember, I have dreamed about recording songs and making music that would inspire and uplift hearts all over the world. I'm only just beginning to scratch the surface of the surface, of what I know is a huge aspect of my life purpose. These tracks are my very first adventure in home recording – original creations that I amateur-recorded and produced all on my own.

‘Deliver Love’ is a compilation of Instrumental tracks coupled with those composed of Sanskrit Mantras mixed with English lyrics. There are Eastern beats and rhythms made for dance breaks, uplifting melodies to inspire you, and graceful ocean waves and birds to soothe your Heart.

Your purchase of this download will be received as donation to be put toward my first full-length, professionally produced album – in the works now!

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"Beth’s voice is heavenly–beautiful but not distracting. I hear her sing, but it takes me to an internal, reflective place rather than bringing the focus to her. She creates a safe place for release."

A.B. / Indiana, U.S.A.

Sing the Song Divine. Let thy face gleam with Light.
— Swami Sivananda