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Soul Support, with Beth, is like receiving the gift of a spiritual Sherpa.

Beth was able to guide me on a journey of self-discovery I never would have thought was possible.

Breathwork allowed me to return to my own Heart and have a clearer vision of who I am. Beth weaves her beautiful gifts of words, music, and teaching into an extraordinary journey that challenges you to dive deeply into yourself. She simultaneously bestows so much love and compassion upon you that the "work" happens more organically than I expected.

Her unconditional support is extremely empowering!

— K.R. / INDIANA, U.S.A.


Held In The Heart Client Testimonials

The past few years Beth has coached me through some very tough emotional times. Her ability to articulate words and wisdom is beyond expressive, and she always guides me to where I need to be. I feel very blessed to have Beth guiding me.





Today I had my first exquisite Breathwork session with Beth.

What I already love about her deeply is that she is of this Earth (steady, grounded & rooted in practice) and also so clearly connected to the Divine. This grounded channeling is why this woman is such a gem.

After working with Beth, I feel deeply loved and connected to myself.

You gotta check out this woman’s work. GOT TO. Wow. Deep gratitude.




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It was what I needed when I needed it.


I can't tell you how much light it brought back into my life.


I can't wait to continue my journey of self love with more of your work!

— K.h. / OHIO, U.S.A.


When I arrived at Beth’s workshop, I did not know what to expect. I was new, but intrigued by Pranayama. I had just gotten a diagnosis and was overwhelmed. Breathing through it really helped me come to terms with how all things are possible and that I am worthy of living well simply because I am worthy! I found a deep forgiveness within and also allowed myself to let go and grieve some recent losses. I highly recommend Beth and the work she does.

— E.h. / MICHIGAN, U.S.A.


The breathwork opened my heart in a deep and profound way. While I've always been a seeker of knowledge and growth, a lifelong leaner, this experience moved my consciousness from the head to the heart. i feel blessed to have found a new path to deeper spirituality and connection.




Your voice is heavenly — beautiful but not distracting. I'm still curious about what the Breathwork did to my mind, body and soul. You created a safe place for something to be released and then reassured me that the understanding of that release takes time.

— a.b. / Indiana, u.s.a.



I have always felt the presence of the Divine Energy and longed to connect to it wholeheartedly. I also have had so much trauma and misunderstood emotion along the way, that as I have been consciously working to release, I still find old blockages to explore and let go. The two hours I spent with you gave me so much insight and inspiration. I knew immediately that I found the next phase of my healing journey. I trust you and find you so genuinely sincere in your teaching. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

— M.H. / CAlifornia, u.s.a.

I wanted to let you know how much I have so appreciated meeting you and taking your classes. I am a better and happier person because of how you show up with the services you offer. Thank you so much!!!! I also feel like I am able to follow my Buddhist practice better because you helped me see challenging family situations differently. I am able to be more peaceful thinking about them, and that is the first step back toward being able to reconcile with them.. Many, many thanks to you for everything!!

— a.d. / Indiana, u.s.a.



the experience is unlike any other.


I personally was truly in the right place at the right time in my journey to be able to let go of a lifetime of negativity & toxicity. Your workshop has helped me so much in even just this short period of time to live in and enjoy the moment, and let go of the outcomes that I find myself smiling more and even humming out loud. I feel so much more peace within my soul because I am no longer fighting what is going to Be anyway… Thank you again and for sharing your playlist with us. I was one with the music during the Breathwork. What an experience! Your beautiful spirit lights the universe. Thank you for sharing yourself with us all.

With Hands and Hearts and Love and Light...

— L.D. / Ohio, u.s.a.

Happy Client Smiling

Beth came to our sweet little Shree studio in Taos, and

WE breathed magic into our hearts AND souls.

Beth is a delightfully potent leader who creates a safe space for inquiry and alchemy.

— s.d. / Owner, Shree Yoga / new mexico, u.s.a



Beth helped me get unstuck and remember what matters most to me.

I have been more in tune with who i am at my core and what i value.

I have been more creative and playful, and I am open to new possibilities, which is not typical for me. I'm grateful for this community and for Beth's guidance. Showing up, getting vulnerable, and giving myself time to breathe is absolute magic. Thank you!

— e.h. / Indiana, u.s.a.


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Has your Heart been reopened?

Hearing about your experience might just be the inspiration someone needs to take a step onto their own healing path today. This is one small way you can pay the Light forward. Your thoughts are sincerely appreciated!


The purpose of human life is to serve,
and to show compassion, and the will to help others.
— Albert Schweitzer