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Working with Beth in workshops, 1:1, and at the EXPLORE Retreat has been groundbreaking in healing the traumas in my DNA of this and past lifetimes. I have always felt as one with the earth, trees, plants and animals, but completely disconnected from my own human self. Beth’s loving guidance has helped me learn ways to merge the two and to walk my path of true peace and fulfillment.
— L.D. / Ohio, U.S.A.

Held In The Heart Beth Barbaglia

As I see it, healing is a great adventure into the Heart – an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, reclaiming your freedom, and knowing a fierce sense of peace, presence, purpose, & trust in life.

I’m here to support you in healing your relationship with YOU.

…with yourself, with Nature, with the innate wisdom & creativity that already exists inside you; to guide you toward the realization of your Soul purpose, and to help you embody the Love that you are. And I promise:

Healing is MUCH simpler than you think.


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The Unstuck Adventure Guide by Held In The Heart

Right now, it's possible you feel stuck, like you are "going around the same tree" in life – you feel unclear, like you have no purpose. You’re anxious, exhausted, and you rarely feel inspired or at peace.

Maybe you’re struggling deeply, from pain or loss, maybe you feel drained emotionally and physically, and disconnected spiritually. You’re overwhelmed and have NO CLUE where to begin the climb to freedom.

Or maybe you actually feel pretty OK these days, yet your Heart knows there's more, and your Soul is practically shouting at you to EXPLORE!

No matter where you are, The Unstuck Adventure Guide will help.


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Beth helped me get unstuck and remember what matters most to me. i AM more in tune with who i am at my core and what i value.




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Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is NOW to move us closer to God.
— Ram Dass