Held In The Heart
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This is Me: Real and Raw

For today all I can do is write. Sometimes the weight of the world, as we call it, feels debilitatingly heavy. Today I am having a really difficult time being in a body. The ache of the sadness is so strong, I feel the pressure on my chest, in my heart. It reaches up my neck into my throat, it burns. My belly is tight as I work to breathe through the tears. Why is life so...

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Why We Must Walk Slowly

Some days you just feel like shit. But it's part of being human, right? I know this. And I know I will move through it. Yet in the midst, it feels almost suffocating. I'm having one of those days where I feel like I'm what I've come to call, "drowning in my humanness". I feel overwhelmed. How can I do all this? What if I can't keep up? I'm just one person. This is a massive responsibility.

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Mexico is Calling

So I’ve never been to Mexico. At all. I know, I’ve lived in Southern California for 11 years and have literally never crossed the border. There were just always other places I was being called to explore, and I just figured, I’ll get there eventually… For about a year now, the words 'Mexico City' have been coming into my energy field. Meaning, I keep hearing about it from others, how…

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The Truth About the Holidays

While the holidays are a joyful, wonderful time, hopefully full of lots of love and laughter, this time of year can also bring many challenges. Energetically there can be a heightened sense of anxiety around all the travel plans and anticipated time with family, physically our bodies are processing more than usual – whether it be stresses or foods – mentally our…

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No More Hiding

So I've been in "hiding" for a bit. Not really, but sort of. After years of living in a way that put others before---I mean way before---myself, I needed some time just for me. I needed to go inward. Reconnect. Nourish myself. Cry, sing, dance, laugh, just be. Be in my own company, my own space, my own quiet, creative world---a place of peace and safety. One that I used to access so easily as a child.

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