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Beth Barbaglia, Intuitive Life Coach & Healer, and Founder of Held In The Heart • Certified Breathwork Facilitator & Yoga Teacher, Conscious Musician & Writer / Breathwork, Energy Healing, & 1:1 Life Coaching / Specializing in Emotional & Spiritual Wellness and Intuitive Development / Private, Group, & Virtual Sessions | New Mexico & Worldwide


...unafraid to travel within her Heart and mind, ready to discover new spaces to heal — releasing burdens and planting wisdom wherever her awareness takes her.

— Yung Pueblo

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Beth Barbaglia, Breathwork Teacher & Founder of Held In The Heart

I am an Intuitive Empath. That means I feel things VERY deeply. I “see” beyond the surface. I instantly connect with people’s energy and emotions, and am able to identify where people are “stuck”.

I’ve always had this ability. It is a tremendous gift, AND it didn’t always feel this way.

I struggled for a long time. I felt sad – A LOT. I felt “less than” a lot. I felt like there was nothing I could do to please everyone around me, and yet I was wearing myself down trying, because I believed it was my job to save them from feeling pain or discomfort.

I lived in a prison of feelings for most of my life. Overwhelmed by my own, and having absorbed the feelings of so many around me. I always felt “different” from everyone, and for many years I believed something was wrong with me because I FEEL so much.

I was told I am “too sensitive”, that I need to be “stronger”. I tried very hard to change this because I thought I needed “fixing”. Because I believed it was my job to make others comfortable or happy, I was constantly shape-shifting – adjusting who I was to meet their needs. In doing this, I became deeply disconnected from myself and learned to doubt my own Intuition.

In this disconnected place, I felt tremendous insecurity and fear on a daily basis. I never felt “good enough” and I attracted toxic partners that thrived on validating that. I was incredibly stuck energetically in my body because I didn’t feel safe or confident to express myself, and as a highly-sensitive Empath (with no healthy boundaries) I was constantly taking on the emotions of others, including the energy and pain of my entire family. Thus, I was also incredibly taxed and anxious most the time, feeling very confused because my emotions were “all over the place”. Little did I know that the majority of what I was feeling (and processing emotionally) was not even mine.

I remember ceaselessly feeling “trapped” inside myself and deeply yearning to feel free. 

The problem was that I did not have healthy boundaries or a conscious awareness of my own gifts as an Empath, and because I wasn’t able discern what was mine and what wasn’t mine, I just believed it was all me! And I believed I was an emotional mess because of this, and that’s how I felt too.

In all this overwhelm and lack of boundaries and disconnection from myself, I was living a state of what we define as “depression”. I sought help for this, yet the only remedies I ever knew to be my options for this were conventional talk-therapy and antidepressant medication. Even after working with a therapist (which did help to a point), and out of desperation, reluctantly trying the pills, (which also helped to a point) I was still left in this deeper place of disconnect.

This is because I was only treating my symptoms. It was only when I began to do the inner work of releasing all the stuck energy & emotional trauma, and reconnecting to my body and my Intuition, did I actually for the first time in my life, understand myself and truly feel FREE. I finally felt safe to be and express myself fully.

There was never anything wrong with me, I simply did not have the awareness or the proper tools to truly heal.

In my experience, I’ve learned that if we want to feel and live in freedom, to feel clear and connected to our purpose, we must be willing to explore within. We must release the pressure-cooker of our bottled emotions, and come to truly know and love ourselves intimately, so that we can re-connect and re-establish the unshakeable bond and trust in our own innate wisdom.

Why I do this work, Held In The Heart

I believe deeply in our right as humans to be free. Not just in the political sense, in the whole-life sense. Freedom to me is feeling grounded, present, confident, and clear in who you are, feeling connected to purpose, feeling unbound by fear, pain, and attachment or obligation, feeling safe to be your true self, and to be at peace with the ebb and flow, and feeling experiences, which are a natural part of life.

It is my absolute passion and great privilege to hold space for people who are ready to explore themselves. For those who crave to know their Soul and are actively seeking to heal – to release their pain and open their Hearts again.

I am confident that you finding your way here means you're ready. (Even if you don’t feel that way right now.) Maybe you've been seeking for awhile, maybe your journey just began. Either way, you've felt some kind of call, and the Universe conspired to lead you here. You're exactly where you're supposed to be. It's time, and I welcome you.

It is my understanding that each of us is given a different set of life circumstances through which we are offered opportunities to learn, to grow, and to come home ourselves – to intimately know ourselves, if we choose to.

The work I share is an exploration of re-opening the Heart. Together we go on an inner journey of discovery and arrive at places of deep healing. These safe and Sacred experiences are honest, nurturing, and illuminating. You are led through in a way in which you will feel deeply supported and, possibly for the first time ever, truly seen and heard.


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It is a ongoing process of reclaiming my wholeness bit by bit, fearlessly speaking my truth and above all, choosing Love. Collectively, it is a conscious practice of living every day in alignment with my Heart, with a sincere dedication to being present, and with devotion and reverence to the Divine within me. Pain and pleasure, challenges and celebrations alike, I choose to see it all as a beautiful adventure. My offerings here are purely an extension of my own practice, and the life and healing journey I am living every single day.

I believe that every one of us deserves to live a life in which we feel free and whole. I also believe each of us have a great purpose and that there is an Infinite Source of Energy and Love we can connect to through our connection to ourselves. It simply takes a willingness to choose it. To show up and do the work, and offer your life up to Love itself.

Expansion and healing can happen in even a single moment of being truly seen and heard. And when we surrender to it, it will happen over and over, and we will continue to grow and evolve, and somewhere along the way, as we are becoming whole, it will happen again.

Choosing to be the Love of my own life has been the best, most significant decision I've ever made, and I am deeply honored and humbled to guide you, and unconditionally support you in choosing to be yours.


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Beth Barbaglia, Founder of Held In The Heart

Beth BarbagliaIntuitive Life Coach & Healer, Founder of Held In The Heart

Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher, conscious Musician & Writer, and a former Professional Designer. Beth is a passionate self-explorer and traveler, dedicated to illuminating a path of healing for others through creative expression, Love, and curiosity! With a compassionate, relaxed, and relatable approach to the Healing Arts, she is committed to supporting you in cultivating a healthy, whole relationship with yourself. She creates and holds a Sacred, safe, and supportive space for you to explore within yourself – to heal trauma, open your heart, reconnect to your truth, and discover your own unique path of Heart-centered, purposeful living.

Specializing in emotional, spiritual, and energetic healing & wellness, Beth holds multiple certifications in the Yogic and Meditative sciences, and multiple Arts degrees in Sociology and Visual Design. Her multi-faceted career and broad body of work is the result of Beth’s immense personal passion for exploration. Fiercely driven from an early age by a deep desire to create and to discover the outer world – and in turn, hone her understanding of the personal, inner & Universal worlds as well – Beth’s entire life has essentially been an exercise in devotion to the arts and creative expression, and her studies of human behavior & self-development.

Drawing greatly from her own ongoing personal healing journey and individual life experience as a highly-sensitive Empath, Beth leads others in their own journey of self-exploration, uncovering the subconscious beliefs & unexpressed emotional energy which are so often the roots of one's greatest pain. Through somatic healing work, Beth guides people in digging out these toxic roots, identifying and dissecting the social norms and behavioral patterns that reveal themselves in the challenging work, family, and relationship dynamics. Beth’s purpose is to bring people toward a much greater understanding of themselves, a much deeper connection to their Intuition and Mother Nature, and to support them in ultimately establishing a much more balanced, present way of living overall — one which is healthily rooted in peace, trust, freedom, and Love. 

In 2014, Beth formally established Held In The Heart as a holistic healing arts practice & global spiritual support community. Through her work here, Beth hosts live and virtual wellness workshops, trainings, and healing retreats throughout the U.S. and worldwide. In addition to the various group events, Held In The Heart also offers self-study programs online, and private, personal 1:1 coaching as well. Beth travels regularly to share and facilitate in-person group sessions internationally throughout the year. She is based in New Mexico, U.S.A. For more information, or booking requests, contact Beth here


I would like my life to be a statement of
Love and Compassion — and where it isn’t,
that’s where my work lies.
— Ram Dass