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A Prayer for Peace

When I first started on the path of Yoga, I quickly learned a very powerful Mantra that is often spoken or chanted in unison at the end of each class. Initially without even “knowing” what the Sanskrit words meant, I was able to connect with the vibration, and I knew I was uttering sounds that were reaching the corners of the Earth. I knew these were

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Mercury Retrograde 411

When it comes to the planets, Mercury, and it's retrograde phases, definitely tends to create the biggest buzz – stirring up many questions, and the most "brace yourself", anxiety-inducing responses from us humans. Generally misunderstood, Mercury is actually a very powerful teacher, and offers us tremendous opportunities for growth and healing, and the completion of anything that's…

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Your Highest Truth

Possibly one the greatest concepts we will ever work toward wrapping our human brains around, is the Truth that we are the Universe. I know. Most people are like, "Whaaaat...?" Yes, we are having an experience in this physical body as a human being, that is also true. But what we are is Infinite. Our Soul is of the ethereal, unseen, unchanging Spirit…

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Divine Healing

My earliest knowledge of the Siri Gaitri Mantra happened when I was going through my Yoga Teacher Training certification program. I will never forget the vibration of pure healing I felt in my body the first time I heard it – I was listening to it put to music, being sung/chanted by one of the most Angelic voices & Beings we are blessed with in the Healing community.

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Trust & Surrender

Ohhh surrender. It's a tough one, isn't it? We hold on and hold on, and resist and try to "figure it out", or even try to stop things from changing altogether. Our fear of the unknown is sometimes so powerful, that we actually keep ourselves in our suffering holding on to what is. Yet, it is our surrender to the process in which we find some of life's most delicious gifts.

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