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New Mexico's Zia

The Inspiration for the collection

Each EXPLORE Daily package is packed full of guidance, insight, and tools to incorporate into your everyday routine. Some parts are for seasonal exploring, and others you'll want to keep going year-round. It's all about deepening your connection to YOU.

Developing a relationship with Nature is one of the most important aspects of healing, living consciously and in balance, and in strengthening your Intuition. It also serves as a profound way to know yourself more deeply, through what your body is experiencing energetically in each phase of the year.

Understanding and honoring the energetic blueprint of the seasons and times of our lives, we come into harmony with the Earth, integrating and healing through the lessons life is bringing our way. It also helps to correlate things that are seemingly disparate. Everything has a place on this "wheel" and is thus related to everything else. It is a simple map – a Sacred guide that can be one's teacher for life.


  • A thoughtfully designed 11-page corresponding mini-zine + guidebook detailing all the parts of the collection listed above (High-res PDF for print or on-screen)

  • Support videos & audio downloads packed with guidance, personal stories, and walk-throughs (They're like mini workshops!) CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW

  • BONUS: An exclusive download from my LYRIC Art Print collection

  • A special savings code for your next purchase in the shop!


buy ALL 4 seasons AND SAVE $21

($27 each, or $87 for the complete collection!)


Scroll down to learn more and see a breakdown of each edition.

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In addition to the varying extras, each Daily is comprised of 6 main sections:

  1. Heal at Home: Home is truly where the Heart is. This section is fiercely focused on potent tools to support your various at-home practices, as well as the energetic health of your space. Think breathing, clearing, cleansing, and Sacred solo journeys that can all be done in your pajamas.

  2. Blessed Body: Your body is a temple! Here you'll receive my favorite food and drink recipes, self-care tools + tips for your physical body, and my all-around best seasonal practices for optimal health. I've invested years into studying my nutrition and bodily wellness, and I'm stoked to save you some time.

  3. Nature Nurture: This section speaks to the whole inspiration really! Here you get detailed guidance for practices that will serve to hone your Intuition, and support you in cultivating more peace and clarity in your life. Another place I've invested years – communing with Nature is actually our True Nature. Let's get back to it!

  4. Create & Flow: Creativity is healing. Plain and simple. This section offers you HUGE opportunity for advancement – in all areas of your life! Our expression helps us communicate with the Universe, and thus not only helps us heal, it also helps to manifest our dreams. The guides I share here basically work like Magic. And they're FUN!

  5. Ear Candy: Music is my HEART. Crafting intentional, conscious playlists to enjoy and breathe with is one of my gifts. Here you'll receive access to private playlists, song downloads, and bonus behind-the-scenes stories on my own lyrics, and Artists I love. Your new favorite song awaits!

  6. Incite Insight: You like that play on words? Got you thinking, huh? That's exactly what this section is about! Here you'll receive resources for deeper knowledge, inspiration, and exploring new territories of thought, concept, and perspective. Some of the BEST stuff lives in Section Six.


spring | RENEW

  1. Heal at Home:"How-to" for Sage & protecting your space

  2. Blessed Body: The SIMPLEST good-for-you treat ever

  3. Nature Nurture: This walking practice will stir your Soul

  4. Create & Flow: The cut & paste exercise that changed my life

  5. Ear Candy: An original song + the exclusive Spring playlist

  6. Incite Insight: A super inspiring podcast + 4 killer interviews


summer | ignite

  1. Heal at Home: Mini Breathwork class + guided audio download

  2. Blessed Body: The simplest self-care routine with serious health benefits

  3. Nature Nurture: The #1 most potent practice that will literally set you free

  4. Create & Flow: A writing + art exercise to clarify your purpose

  5. Ear Candy: An original song + the exclusive Summer playlist

  6. Incite Insight: Summer Reading: 3 books that will change your life



  1. Heal at Home: Heal With Your Ancestors: A Guided Audio Meditation

  2. Blessed Body: How to cure your digestion and cleanse your body

  3. Nature Nurture: Communicate with Mama Earth through this simple practice

  4. Create & Flow: How to anchor your energy & connect to your guides

  5. Ear Candy: An original song + the exclusive Autumn playlist

  6. Incite Insight: Fall Films: 3 EPIC humans and their soul-stirring stories



  1. Heal at Home: Coming Soon

  2. Blessed Body: Coming Soon

  3. Nature Nurture: Coming Soon

  4. Create & Flow: Coming Soon

  5. Ear Candy: Coming Soon

  6. Incite Insight: Coming Soon

I love EXPLORE Daily! The art print is beautiful, the music amazing, and the tools are so fantastic! The fact that it is digital is so unique and fun — immediate satisfaction with quick delivery!
— D.A. / INDIANA, U.S.A.