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• Introducing •

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Healing tools and accessories hand-crafted with Love and intention, made from fabrics found in the colorful mainland of Mexico. Designed to support & inspire your exploration.

“In October 2017, I made a trip to explore the mainland of Mexico. During a couple days on the West Coast, I fell in LOVE with these fabrics at a shop near Puerto Vallarta. So I bought a few meters not knowing yet what they would become. When the designs came to me in a vision, I was inspired to create a conscious collection of beautiful and functional goods that reflected the simplicity, strength, and gender-neutral quality of the patterns, the colorful artistry of indigenous Old Mexico, and my personal style as well.”
— Beth



Healing does not mean fixing.

Healing is an ongoing, ever-evolving exploration in the discovery of your Self.


I'm Beth.

I'm here to serve you in connecting with just that: the innate wisdom & creativity that already exists inside you; your Soul's desires which you carry deep within, and the Love that you are.

I support you in healing your relationship with you.


My greatest joy is witnessing people aligning with their Truth – stepping into their higher purpose, and coming home to their Heart.


Beth helped me get unstuck and remember what matters most to me. i have been more in tune with who i am at my core and what i value.


Join me

for an adventure into your heart.


To discover a connection with an extraordinary Divine Love, to claim the freedom that is your birthright, and to experience the sweetness of being truly present.



See what happens when you give yourself to Love.





Healing does not mean going back
to the way things were before, but rather allowing
what is NOW to move us closer to God.
— Ram Dass