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Art | "Sacred Geometry"

Art | "Sacred Geometry"


One of each print represents the Sacred symbols of:

Sri Yantra, Star Tetra, Seven Chakras, Flower of Life, Elements

Featuring conscious quotes & affirmations by Rama Tirtha, Lovelle Drachman, Beth Barbaglia, & Yung Pueblo

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Adorning your space with this art connects you to the powerful vibration of these symbols. Learn more about each print and the corresponding geometry below.

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You will receive: (5) high-resolution PDFs / formatted as 8x10 inch (can be printed larger or smaller to fit your desired frame) *BONUS: You also get a printable guide to the Elements!

Your purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable. These files are for personal use only.

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Featuring a quote from Bhakti Guru, Rama Tirtha

Sri Yantra means “Holy Instrument”. It contains all form of sacred geometry, is mathematically precise, and also represents the union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. Sri Yantra is called the mother of all yantras because all other yantras derive from it. In its three dimensional forms, Sri Yantra is said to represent the cosmic mountain at the center of the Universe. It is conceived as a place of spiritual pilgrimage, and is a representation of the cosmos at the macrocosmic level, and of the human body at the microcosmic level (each of the circuits correspond to a chakra of the body).



Featuring a quote from the untraceable, Lovelle Drachman

The Star Tetrahedron models the energetic body of the human being, the blending of Heaven & Earth, Male & Female. The two tetrahedrons contained within each other represent the two poles of creation in complete equilibrium; spirit & matter. All of creation is based on this divine equilibrium, whether the form is inanimate matter or a living creature. It is the inner law operating through all forms. Whether the form is that of a plant, an animal or a human, the body of each of these is subject to the laws of the three-dimensional world. Hidden and invisible within this body, however, is the higher, Divine Self, Eternal Being. In and of ourselves, we are the connecting link between the world of the spirit and that of matter. We are able to live at the same time by the laws of both worlds. The greatest adventure.



Featuring empowering affirmations connected to each Chakra

There are seven main chakras, known as the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. They are tied to physical and emotional problems in the body. Based on Ayurvedic teachings, the energy body exists alongside the physical body, both requiring a balanced flow of life energy. These energy centers are the 7 chakras, which are swirling wheels of spiritual power that run parallel with the body’s main energy channel. In energy healing, keeping these energetic pathways cleansed and activated is very important for enhancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When these energy centers are aligned, balanced, and cleansed, it helps you feel empowered, energized, and centered.



Featuring a reminder quote from Beth

The Flower of Life says that all life is part of a divine, geometric plan. All structures known to us are following this plan. It shows that all life and consciousness arises from one source (this being the first circle). The next 6 circles are identical with the cell division process. Therefore, the Flower of Life is seen as a model of God’s Creation. The name “Flower of Life” stems not from a flower imagery but from the cycle of a fruit tree. When observing this cycle we can see that the tree grows flower buds and these eventually transform into fruit. The fruit carries the seed within and when the fruit falls on the ground these seeds eventually create new trees. This is the cycle which turns from tree to flower to fruit and tree again. It reveals the miracle of life – happening as it should in Divine time.



Featuring a quote from writer, Yung Pueblo

The ancients believed the World to be composed of 4 basic elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water. These are considered the critical energy forces that sustain life. All of these elements are integral parts of matter or the physical universe, and the human body is a physical creation existing in the material realm. Therefore, the human beings are made of and governed by the four elements. Maintaining a balance between these elements is necessary to ensure physical as well as psychological well-being. These four elements combine to create life, but only together with the quintessential fifth element, the life force, the ‘aether’, ‘spirit’ or ‘prana’. Spirit is a bridge between body and Soul. It is the spark of life, that unknowable force – the primal Source of energy that creates and fuels all the elements. It surrounds everything and contains complete, balanced energy.