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The EXPLORE Daily guides are packed full of potent guidance, insight, & tools to incorporate into your everyday routine. Some parts are for seasonal exploring, and others you'll want to keep going year-round. That's the beauty – it's yours to keep, and yours to make yours.

One edition has been created for each season. These collections are intended to support you, keep things fresh, & inspire a deeper relationship with Nature through the cycles of the Earth and Her seasons. They are an offering I hope will enrich your life, and serve to truly nurture your ongoing healing and spiritual journey.

I love EXPLORE Daily! The art print is beautiful, the music is amazing, and the tools are so fantastic! The fact that it is digital is so unique and fun — immediate satisfaction with quick delivery!
— D.A. / INDIANA, U.S.A.

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A simple, straight-forward guided audio session designed to support you in beginning — or continuing to develop — your own home Breathing practice.


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Once a month, we come together from across the globe on the web! In this online group, you are in a safe haven for self-exploration from the comfort of your own space. Through shared intention and the healing Breathwork, you are guided to release all that is no longer serving you – to reconnect to your heart and your inherent wisdom.

This group invites you to experience personal growth and community support, develop a regular Breath practice, and a deepen your relationship with YOU.

Monthly on the 4th Wednesday | Click at left for date + details of next group



Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
— Howard Thurman