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Breathing Space

  • Breathing Space Yoga & Meditation 5026 East 62nd Street Indianapolis, IN, 46220 United States (map)

The Power of Pain

In this group we will be exploring the work through a focus on inner space exploration. Are you actively listening to your body and your feelings? We’ll share in a rich workshop and discussion that will deepen your understanding of emotional energy, how to harness the powerful essence of your pain, and why being “sensitive” is actually an incredible asset. We’ll follow this with a deeply nourishing and healing Breathwork session.

No experience with any Yoga or Meditation is necessary. Please bring a journal or notebook and a pen.

*There is no movement in this class.

Self-Investment: $44

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About Group Work:

In her groups, Beth creates a safe haven for self-exploration with the support of music, essential oils, and sage for added clearing and energy balancing. Guiding you intuitively, she holds space for you to breathe and release all that is no longer serving you. Connecting as a group, we’ll set our intention to be open to healing, and use the Breathwork to move the energy. We’ll focus on welcoming more Love and peace into your body, as we work to create space for you to receive the clarity and guidance you need, to connect more deeply with your Intuition, Spirit, and Divine Purpose.

Through this work you have the opportunity each time to re-connect more deeply with your Heart — to the inherent wisdom you hold within; to experience personal growth and expansion, and to continue developing a stronger and deeper relationship with YOU.


Breathwork (Pranayama Yoga) is a simple, yet profound breathing technique. An active meditation used to move and clear stuck energy, it purifies the nervous system, eliminates toxins from the body and blood, and restores balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Through this practice you have the power to heal old wounds, cultivate a deeper, clearer connection with your true, authentic self, and step into a whole new way of being that is lighter, more free, and in alignment with your soul's highest purpose.

Learn more about the benefits of Breathwork here.


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