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ReOpen Heart Breathwork


Theme:  Relationship With Yourself & Earth

*Must download Zoom to join live. (It's free for participants!)

All registrants receive a recording of this session. So you can still participate and receive the healing energy even if you are unable to attend live!

Live Group: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Time: 6:00-7:15pm (MDT) *Check time zone.

Exchange: $20 USD

Registration Closes: 2:00pm (MDT) day of.


This is definitely a month to take time for self-care, handle deferred maintenance, and nurture yourself in ways you have not allowed yourself to do. Put your health first and create some space to get what you need. If you create the space and set the intention, the support will come. You may need to cut something loose, like an old habit or support that no longer serves you, and then be willing to take a risk and try something new and different that feels right.

Mother Earth can be the source of support for your creativity, personal healing, grounding and balance. Consciously working with the Earth will help to anchor you during times this month that may be intense, un-grounded, chaotic and uncertain.

At this time it is practical to let go of old attachments no matter how difficult or challenging that may be. It is practical to listen to your inner voice of truth connected with your intuition that “knows” on a deeper level what you need. It is practical to listen to your own wisdom and allow it to influence your choices instead of listening to what others think. You can seek advice but then make sure to filter that advice through your own inner knowing and truth about what is right for you. –Lena Stevens


In this monthly virtual group class, Beth creates a safe energetic container for self-exploration from the comfort of your own space. You will be guided through an active breathing meditation to release stuck energy and all that is no longer serving you. This session offers you the chance to reconnect to your Heart and establish a regular home breathing practice along with the love and support of community. Please connect with our growing healing community by joining us in the ReOpen Heart Breathwork Facebook Group!


  • Please prepare a space nearby where you can lie down to breathe, somewhere in which you can position the camera so your body will still be visible to me. Gather whatever you’d like, to be comfortable — blanket, eye pillow, etc.. (*Nothing too thick behind the head.)
  • As well, I recommend having a small pillow or sweatshirt nearby, something you can grab to cover your face — there may be times when I’ll have you make some louder sounds, and it can be supportive to have something to use for muffling. :)
  • Extra credit! Do a self-check-in. Offer a few minutes to writing a couple notes in your journal about what you are feeling in your body, and around clarifying your intentions.


  • If you aren't able to make it live, you get an audio recording. (!!!)
  • No experience is needed, so don't shy away if you haven't done Breathwork with me before. This group is the perfect, gentle way to begin!


Learn more about the benefits of Breathwork here.




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