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A Prayer for Peace

When I first started on the path of Yoga, I quickly learned a very powerful Mantra that is often spoken or chanted in unison at the end of each class. Initially without even “knowing” what the Sanskrit words meant, I was able to connect with the vibration, and I knew I was uttering sounds that were reaching the corners of the Earth. I knew these were

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Mercury Retrograde 411

When it comes to the planets, Mercury, and it's retrograde phases, definitely tends to create the biggest buzz – stirring up many questions, and the most "brace yourself", anxiety-inducing responses from us humans. Generally misunderstood, Mercury is actually a very powerful teacher, and offers us tremendous opportunities for growth and healing, and the completion of anything that's…

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Recipe: Garbanzo-Berry Salad

Somewhere out there, some official version of this bean salad might exist, I don't know. This one I made up. I often like to just take what I have around and see how I can combine it to create something tasty. In the warmer months, I love to make spinach salads for lunch – I fill them with loads of goodness like beans, berries, apples, nuts, hard-cooked eggs, etc…

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