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Porcelain Art by     MB Art Studios

Porcelain Art by MB Art Studios

There is a popular bar of sorts that gets set this time of year – the phrase "New Year, New You" starts circulating in a myriad of contexts, a pressurized suggesting that we should all be setting goals and making resolutions for ourselves to be something better.

The idea that we can (or our desire to) be more whole or grow, or achieve, or set conscious intentions, is a beautiful thing. Though for me, the idea that every 12 months we are supposed become something "new", become something entirely different, is quite unhealthy. A bar-setting, or standard we are suddenly held to, that induces much anxiety and shame for many people, one that brings about those exhausting thoughts like:

"Great, now I have to decide how I'm going to change myself and announce it to the world, because that's what expected of me every January 1st."

So many of us are working day in and day out to heal from lifetimes of believing and feeling that we are "not good enough". Healing from the deep pain and sadness and shame that created the wounds which came from life circumstances that told us we had to be something different than who we truly are.

As you know, the invitation I extend to all people is to explore. To choose to make your life a continual journey of discovering yourself. This does not mean go out and find something or become something. It means surrendering to a process of discovery that is comparable to that of being on an archaeological digging adventure to uncover who you already are.

The truth of your Self, your Soul, lives and exists infinitely within you. It is not something you have to seek out to obtain, or something new that you don't already know. All that's happened is that your pains have caused you to forget, to close, to disconnect.

Believing that you're supposed to be something else, is what got you into the "stuck" mess in the first place. It is confusing and hurtful to your emotional body and your Heart to continue internalizing and sending yourself this message that says, "I must change myself to be something different, something NEW, because who I am today is not good enough."

All this message does is keep us disconnected.

As we step into 2019 today, we of course are being given a beautiful opportunity with this marker of time, to reflect – to envision forward, to reveal for ourselves more clarity. To choose to be open and inspired about the infinite possibilities that lie in front of us.

Offering a bit of devoted time and space to writing about the year ahead, and claiming a word that will be my anchor point, are a couple ways I choose to welcome the next 12 months on January 1. This feels good and supportive for me. So I do it as a way of honoring myself and all that I am completing and healing and achieving in my life. This may resonate for you, it may not.

In whatever it is that you do or don't do to welcome the new year, what I'd like to do is extend another invitation to you of something to bring to it – a healthier alternative to the typical New Years tagline – a truer and more loving approach. I'd like to instead suggest the phrase, "New Year, Be You". Or just trash the first half altogether, and simply have it always be "BE YOU". Free yourself from the belief that you have to be anything else, anything "new". Simply be who you are. Let that be your focus, your intention every single day.

Because in my healing experience, for myself, and with EVERY SINGLE person I've ever witnessed and held space for, what we as humans actually honestly want, is not to be different at all. Our deepest aching desire is to be accepted, to be out in the open – to be unguarded and unapologetic, and feeling fearless and safe to be who we truly are.

What we actually want is NOT to change ourselves.

What we want is to feel free to reveal ourselves. And in that, simply be supported and honored. Now close your eyes, receive a long, deep breath, and imagine a life where you feel this safe. It is possible. And that, my dear, brave Soul, is my vision for you in 2019.

I'll close here, with a beautiful blessing from one of my teachers – with a few tweaks to some words that felt more resonant for me. With this ask, I am wishing you a year of greater wholeness and truth.

May you heal everything that's ready to be healed.
May you bring in the prosperity you desire.
May you have abundant love in your life.
May you have all the support you need when you need it.
May your work be gratifying. 
May you experience joy, laughter, balanced health, inspiration, deep friendship and profound fulfillment in all your endeavors!
Much Love, Beth

P.S. There is an incredible song I love by one of my favorite artists about our desire to reveal ourselves – enjoy and take a listen here.

Quote by Yung Pueblo

Are you ready to REVEAL yourself?

Do you know you have a greater purpose you aren't living?
Do you want to feel more free, present, and confident? 

Soul Support is a thoughtful, loving, and potent process in which deep and meaningful healing occurs. It is a space where you come to truly know yourself, one where you re-open your Heart, where life is clear. It is a process that is honest, nurturing, and illuminating – one in which you are given the opportunity to feel, to be truly seen and heard, and to reclaim yourself by igniting the fire of creativity and Love inside you.


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For many years, writing has been one of the most integral practices for Beth in her healing & spiritual journey. Through this expression, she has uprooted some of her deepest pains, and discovered some of her most powerful insights. She shares her very personal experiences here to offer you a look into the rawness of her healing process, and to continue expanding her own capacity to be seen & heard in her vulnerability and Truth. / Beth also writes the Mantra and Recipe columns of the Journal, and shares more stories & teachings on Instagram.