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A Prayer for Peace

When I first started on the path of Yoga, I quickly learned a very powerful Mantra that is often spoken or chanted in unison at the end of each class. Initially without even “knowing” what the Sanskrit words meant, I was able to connect with the vibration, and I knew I was uttering sounds that were reaching the corners of the Earth. I knew these were no words to passively throw around. I felt their depth, their piercing purity.

As a Lightworker, I have a clear understanding of the purpose I am called here for, in regards to the contribution I making toward raising the vibrational frequency of this planet to one of Love. Part of what that means is being willing to let go, to detach, from the definitions that are placed on myself and others by society, old belief systems, and ancient programming around labels, judgment, resentment, equality, holding grudges, etc… It means actively choosing, hour by hour, to live in Truth, to not give in to the daily opportunities that arise to be sucked in to the vibration of fear.

This is no easy task. AND it’s one I approach with great devotion and commitment. I choose it. I choose the challenge because it’s what I came here to do. And because I see the repercussions that are possible if I don’t. The energy I contribute to the collective in this arena, not only impacts the current status of for everyone, but also the energetic landscape for our future generations.

One of the core practices and elements in the Yoga tradition is something called Ahimsa. Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word meaning “non-injury”. Also often referred to as “non-violence”. This is not only in the literal and physical sense of causing no harm, also in the figurative sense as well. Energetically, spiritually, psychically, emotionally, etc… For example, something like unreasonable dislike is a figurative example of this concept, as well as prejudice toward another being, i.e. via the thoughts and opinions you carry in your mind-space – therefore, in your vibration. Where awareness goes, energy flows. What are you feeding?

Offer a moment to reflect on this – are there ways you’re feeding the collective toxic, harmful energies via your thoughts? Via the judgments you make of others? Are you even aware of it, and the responsibility you have here? These aspects of yourself are worthy of review as they point you to where your personal piece of the work lies. They are reflection to you of where we still need to heal as a whole, and you have an absolute duty to be willing to take responsibility for what you can do today to start bringing these aspects into balance within yourself. They are a “must” in terms of healing. As you walk the path to syncing your personal vibration more and more with the frequency of Love, more and more others will be able do the same. As within, so without.

Ahimsa represents the true strength at the core of an individual. It represents what it takes to have an open mind, to be unattached to preconceived notions when approaching another being, to be totally and completely neutral – in PEACE, in all thought, word, and action. What it means to BE Love.

This divine essence of Ahimsa itself illustrates that hate dissolves in the company of Love. Ahimsa in actuality is essentially pure and true Love toward life and ALL it’s beings.

One of the most potent and well-known Mantras to ever exist, is this prayer asking for Peace for everyone and everything, everywhere. Choosing to chant or speak this Mantra is a true offering of Love, as in the humility it inherently carries, you are bowing to Spirit and asking that every living organism be blessed by It’s Grace.

This prayer completely removes the “I” and serves as a personal proclamation, acknowledging that we are One, and the SAME – asking it even for those who have done harm, or are acting out in violence. This prayer says you are choosing to see through all pain, to the Heart, to the Soul inside of each being… choosing to understand that hurtful actions only come from a place of fear, and that meeting that fear with Love is the ONLY true answer.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu supports the prevail of Love over hate. This Sanskrit Mantra prayer translates as:

May all beings everywhere be happy and free from all suffering

Imagine Peace  / Photo by Sharla Gentile

Imagine Peace / Photo by Sharla Gentile

Here is a general breakdown of this translation:

Lokah: Location of all universes existing at this moment
Samastah: All beings living in this location
Sukhino: In happiness, joy and free from all suffering
Bhav: The Divine mood or state of union
Antu: May it be so

Using the power of Love points beings in the direction of freedom. Once hate melts away, evil forces that bog an individual down, join hate in it’s disappearance.

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Reference credit: BalaYoga.com

Sanskrit is an ancient language of India. Poems, prayers, and scriptures of India and the Yoga tradition are commonly written in Sanskrit. These Mantras can be chanted, or spoken (silently or aloud) during meditation.