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Divine Healing

My earliest knowledge of the Siri Gaitri Mantra happened when I was going through my Yoga Teacher Training certification program. I will never forget the vibration of pure healing I felt in my body the first time I heard it – I was listening to it put to music, being sung/chanted by one of the most Angelic voices & Beings we are blessed with in the Healing community. Upon completion, it was with the deepest Love and reverence that for my final exam I chose to play Snatam Kaur's version of Ra Ma Da Sa during Savasana in the very first Yoga class I ever taught... and many thereafter too. :)

This particular Mantra's roots are from the beautiful Kundalini Yoga tradition. The founder of modern, Western Kundalini, Yogi Bhajan has said, "This Mantra is one of the most powerful healing Mantras on the planet. The power of this Mantra comes from its ability to connect Earth and Ether."

Though this Mantra, like many others, is birthed from the Yoga tradition, (and while Yoga is not a religion, its roots do stem from Hinduism) something I love very much about it is that it is so pure and clear in its intention of connecting to the Divine through the Elements – the Infinite Universe. I feel this is so beneficial, especially for our Western culture that generally did not grow up hearing or learning Sanskrit, or much of anything for that matter, about Eastern philosophies or Spiritual traditions.

Oftentimes people struggle with the idea of using a Mantra for healing because many Sanskrit Mantras are calling on the energies of specific Hindu-rooted Deities. And while the truth is that each and every God/Goddess is simply a symbolic representation of the various aspects of Source, if they aren't a version of Spirit that one feels connected to, it may discourage a person from trying this practice which may actually provide them great healing.

Thus, I feel the Siri Gaitri Mantra* is an incredible gift not only in its deeply powerful healing potential, but in its stunningly beautiful simplicity – it is accessible, and "user-friendly" to ALL. Trust me, the pronunciation of some of the longer Sanskrit words can be intimidating even for those of us who are studied practitioners! So again, this beautiful Mantra offers something so unique and special coupling its spoken/chanted ease with its profoundly expansive and purifying vibrational essence.

*Siri means "God's gift of Love." And the word Gaitri (or Gayatri) is the name for a Sanskrit poetical meter that contains lines of eight syllables.

In many traditions, healing is said to occur when you raise your vibration into Divine Alignment – healing must occur if your vibration matches it. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung holds within it eight sounds that stimulate the flow of Prana within the central channel of the spine – opening and purifying your physical and subtle bodies as it is repeated.

Prana is your Life Force – the energy which is the cosmic power of all the Universe. On a physical level, Prana is responsible for all bodily functions. This is one of the core root concepts behind the Breathwork healing I offer. In Yoga, Breathwork is called Pranayama. This is any conscious breathing technique specifically designed to increase the flow of Prana. The suffix Yama means "to control", so when we expand and control the Breath, we are consciously clearing what is stuck and then distributing the vital life force, or Prana, within our system.

Repeating the Siri Gaitri is a way of raising your vibration to the frequency of Divine Healing.

Megacosm,  Artist Unknown  /  Found via   Pinterest

Megacosm, Artist Unknown / Found via Pinterest

Here is a general breakdown of this Mantra:

Ra: The Sun • Connecting with this frequency gives you energy.
Ma: The Moon • Aligns you with receptivity.
Da: The Earth • The energy that grounds you in your roots.
Sa: Infinity • Draws the healing of the Universe in toward you.
Sa: Infinity • Second time pulls the energy of Infinity into you.
Say: Honors the all-encompassing Thou • A secret name for God.
So: Merger • The vibration that joins together.
Hung: The Infinite • The essence of creation. ("So Hung" together means, "I am Thou.")

The way that this Mantra heals is to tune a Soul to the vibration of the Universe, which is pure and without disease or pain. It brings balance into the core of our energetic body and floods it with new energy.


BONUS: Listen to another of my very favorite versions of this Mantra put to Music by one of my Kirtan teachers here!

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Sanskrit is an ancient language of India. Poems, prayers, and scriptures of India and the Yoga tradition are commonly written in Sanskrit. This Mantra can be chanted, or spoken (silently or aloud) during meditation.

Reference Credits: Spirit Voyage