Held In The Heart
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Love Is The Answer

Do you remember this song from the 90s by the group Blessid Union of Souls? It's one of my absolute favorites. It's timeless, and it speaks so divinely to every issue humanity will ever face at any given moment. To me, it is the only "solution" and this beautiful and simple Mantra is one way you can do your part to increase the vibration of Love in your own body – so that you may ripple out it's frequency to all those you will ever encounter.

I share often about my desire for every person on this planet to experience what it means to be the love of their own life.

Part of what makes living in such a way possible, is to remember and know that we are in fact Love itself.

In my personal healing journey, coming to this knowing over and over again has become one of the most significant aspects of my Spirituality and nurtures the connected relationship I feel to the Universe, Nature, and all of Creation.

When I remember that I am That which is the Divine power of healing, that which is the energetic frequency and Light of ALL that is, it sure makes the everyday challenges of my human experience much easier to digest. It makes it much easier to simply acknowledge them as just that – things I am experiencing. Rather than attaching myself to them – i.e. defining myself by them as what I am.

Ahem Prema is the one of the simplest, most TRUE complete sentences you will ever speak. This Mantra is an affirmation that your higher Self is pure Love. It puts your life energy on the same vibration with the Love principle running through existence.

By repeating (speaking or chanting) this Mantra, a magnificent inner metamorphosis is invoked, aligning oneself with the highest essence of Love. This energetic transmission enhances all situations, in every day, creating a powerful and strong foundation for whatever one aspires to manifest. This Sanskrit Mantra translates as:



Photo taken by me at    The Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh, India.    April 2016.       (Mural artist unknown.)

Photo taken by me at The Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh, India. April 2016. (Mural artist unknown.)

Here is the breakdown of this translation:

Aham: I Am
Prema: Divine Love

This is also a great healing Mantra for those suffering from bouts of self-loathing. The "I” that tries to declare hate toward its "self” is instantaneously dispersed into a pure vibration of Divine Love.

By reciting this Love Mantra you state that you love yourself. If you love yourself, you can love others. If you love life, you can love the whole world. If you begin to notice yourself feeling love for no reason at all, then you have begun to become it and are then able to experience the bliss of true Presence.

Sanskrit is an ancient language of India. Poems, prayers, and scriptures of India and the Yoga tradition are commonly written in Sanskrit. This Mantra can be chanted, or spoken (silently or aloud) during meditation.

Reference: Insight State