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Have you ever had a reading of your Natal chart? If no, I highly recommend it. Gaining clarity about the planetary alignments in your individual birth chart can offer much clarity around the unique challenges and lessons each of us are presented with in life. The planets can be thought of as "triggers" that activate certain inner tendencies.

When the planets pass through certain astrological signs or alignments that resonate with our astrological DNA, the stored patterns also begin to resonate.

Jupiter is the most spiritual planet. It symbolizes Dharma (deeper life purpose) and Self-realization. If we are in balance with Jupiter's frequency, then it's resonance with our DNA will generate positive effects and experiences in our life and our physicality.

If we let our level of consciousness slip to lower levels (when we get triggered into unhealthy patterns/habits) Jupiter’s energy can make us too materialistic and self-satisfied, so that we become caught up in the pleasures of life and forget to seek higher consciousness. Stuck energy around these issues will manifest physically as pain/illness/imbalance in the first and second chakras – specifically in the liver, gallbladder, posterior lobe of the pituitary (related to growth) and the thighs and hips.

Let's clarify this a bit. Certain parts of our bodies are "governed" by specific planetary principles. Meaning, the energy held in within our physical form is effected by the movement and phases of the planets, Sun, and Moon – and further, their positions in our individual birth chart. You see, each organ in the body has a specific vibration – EVERYTHING is energy – so there is a frequency at which YOU and the various parts of you are vibrating. Vedic Astrology says that each one these frequencies is linked to a specific planet. Therefore, if you've experienced challenges in the aforementioned parts of your body, working with this Mantra, and balancing your connection to Jupiter's energetic frequency will help.

The use of this Mantra with the conscious intention of eliminating the imbalance (pain, negative pattern, dis-ease), will begin a process whereby those patterns break down and the stored energy becomes transmuted and available for other purposes. Daily meditation, and consistently reminding ourselves that real joy does not come from seeking momentary happiness, can also help us avoid these challenges and heal these aspects of our lives.

*BONUS: Right now Jupiter is in retrograde – read all about this powerful phase here!

The Mantra Om Shree Gurave Namaha acknowledges the Divine inner wisdom of the Soul through the higher intelligence of the planet Jupiter. Meditating on this Mantra aligns you with the inner truth, knowing, and intelligence of the highest Self. By aligning yourself with the powerful vibratory frequency of Jupiter, you increase your connection to the healing energy which is available through It – restoring balance to the related stuck places in your body, and therefore your life. This Sanskrit Mantra translates as:

Om and salutations to Guru, presiding Spirit of the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter Yantra  by   Sarah Tomlinson

Jupiter Yantra by Sarah Tomlinson

Here is a general breakdown of this translation:

Om: The Divine Word and primordial origin of Sound
Shree: Salutations (Great/Lord/Divine)
Gurave: Auspicious Guru/Teacher (Jupiter, as the Planetary Deity)
Namaha: I bow to You

Jupiter is our Higher Intelligence; our wisdom and knowledge of our Souls. It is Jupiter’s energy that gives us all our true joy in life. Learn more about healing and balancing with the planets in Vedic Astrology here.

The Moons of Jupiter by Cathy Dobson

Guru Brahaspati (Jupiter) via PalmLeaves.eu

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Sanskrit is an ancient language of India. Poems, prayers, and scriptures of India and the Yoga tradition are commonly written in Sanskrit. This Mantra can be chanted, or spoken (silently or aloud) during meditation.

Source Credits: AnandaShree Astrology | Ananda Sangha | Palm Leaves | Healing Mantras