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Compassion & Protection

One of the greatest challenges of our human life is to learn and practice true compassion. We likely find it easy to feel compassion for someone we love, or for living beings – humans, animals, plants – who are being abused or treated poorly. But how about when someone has done "wrong" or acted in a hurtful, even horrific manner?

Or what about your ability to have compassion for YOU? Oftentimes, this is the most difficult – when we are stuck in shame or regret, feeling hopeless or guilty, and we are emotionally beating ourselves up.

All of the above are the times in life when our ability to connect with compassion is needed most.

There is a Divine Goddess from the Buddhist tradition called Green Tara. She radiates and represents compassion in action. She removes obstacles that are in our way, and serves to guide and protect us as we journey though our Hearts and minds. She supports us  in our healing, shielding us from fear, anxiety and suffering. The Goddess Green Tara is praised for her ability to overcome the most difficult of situations.

For times when you are struggling to find compassion for others or you feel the aching need for compassion toward yourself, reciting this Mantra can help.

Deep healing is only truly possible when we are able to approach ourselves and all beings with genuine, Soul-level compassion. When we are able to see beyond the veils of the physical form, beyond what we've been to conditioned to label as "right" and "wrong", beyond our personal pain and judgment, we begin to operate from our higher place of Unconditional Love. We are able to see and feel the One-ness of each other and all beings, and the energies of blame and shame and victim-hood simply melt away.

The Mantra Om Tare Tuttare Ture Swaha calls on the Divine protection of Green Tara. Calling on Her support increases and strengthens your ability to give and receive compassion from others. She brings blessings and abundance of Love into your life. This Buddhist Mantra translates as:

Om and salutations. May the Mother of All guard and protect me and fulfill my needs.

Green Tara    (artist unknown)

Green Tara (artist unknown)

Here is a general breakdown of this translation:

Om: The Divine Word and primordial origin of Sound
Tare: Tara ("Star"/ She who saves) Salvation from all suffering
Tuttare: Deliverance into the Spiritual path
Ture: Swift liberation from duality
Swaha: May the Mantra take root in my mind

Green Tara invites the Light and Love of the world around you to radiate in your Heart. Practicing this mantra benefits you by opening your Heart and supporting you in giving and receiving Love. When you practice unconditional Love and compassion, you see the beauty in all things, and blessings will flow into your life.

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This Mantra can be chanted, or spoken (silently or aloud) during meditation. Learn more about Green Tara here.