Held In The Heart


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Throughout the year, I offer special live group events across the U.S. and Internationally. These groups are rich in opportunity for expansion, growth, and connection to yourself and others. We work with individual, group, and partner exercises, and everyone is guided through a deep-dive Breathwork healing session.

Venture into you – your Heart, your Body, and your Creativity. You’ll emerge with clarity, having ignited a more loving, committed relationship with yourself, and a deeper connection to All That Is.

Groups held worldwide | See calendar below for dates + locations



Once a month, we come together from across the globe on the web! In this online group, you are in a safe haven for self-exploration from the comfort of your own space. Through shared intention and the healing Breathwork, you are guided to release all that is no longer serving you – to reconnect to your heart and your inherent wisdom.

This group invites you to experience personal growth and community support, develop a regular Breath practice, and a deepen your relationship with YOU.

Monthly on the 4th Wednesday | Click below for next online group



Would you like to offer a Breathwork Circle or Immersion Workshop for your Organization, Family, Yoga Studio/YTT, Community/Healing Center, or Spiritual Gathering? If you are interested in scheduling an event or collaborating, please send a message via the contact below.


The healing group was what I needed when I needed it. I can’t tell you how much light it brought back into my life!